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5 Top tips for creating a great wedding video

Simon Monahan at Serif offers a few simple tricks so you can make a great a movie that will be watched time and time again

Take shots from different angles and locations

Some people tend to set up their camera in a corner and stay there but this limits what you can film. Without a camera, you wouldn’t think twice about moving around to get a different view of the action – do the same when you are filming. It will add depth and dynamics to your wedding movie. But try to avoid shooting with the sun, or another bright light source, directly in front of you to avoid silhouettes.

Hold shots for a while

When you are filming, it’s a great idea to hold a shot for a bit longer than you think you should, just to make sure you definitely have enough footage for the finished video. It’s also a good idea to zoom in a bit when capturing details; not so much as to take up the whole shot, but close enough so anyone can clearly see what’s going on. Zooming in and out should be done sparingly, and keep it slow and steady.

Edit your footage

When you’ve finished filming, edit your footage with good video editing software (available online and at all good software retail outlets). You might need to remove the start because you left the lens cap on, or the three minutes where you accidentally filmed the aisle, or maybe add an appropriate song over the slow-motion replay of Uncle Leo falling over on the dance floor!

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