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Jane & Marilynís guide for grown up and glamorous mothers of the bride..

The road to a perfect MotB Ďlookí is littered with potholes and banana skins.. read on to make sure you don't trip up!

If your head is small donít bury it in a large hat, if itís large a small hat can look silly so try to balance the proportions of hat and head.

Fascinators are passť now unless itís a substantial one. Small hats and headpieces are more comfortable to wear for long periods, easier for all the mwah, mwah-ing you will undoubtedly have to do and are more English weather friendly Ė less likely to be blown off and easier to work with an umbrella. All that said, we still love a simple dress combined with a huge statement hat. Eye veils are increasingly popular again and very glamorous, good for softening the odd wrinkle too!

Never wear a hat straight on top pf your head or worse pushed to the back. Always angle your hat forward and to one side for dash. When wearing a hat, hold your head up high!

Make sure your hair and hat work together. Nothing is worse than a hat which looks like an afterthought. Hair should look Ďdoneí. If itís short itís easier to style it around the hat. If itís long at very least tuck it behind your ears or tie it back, or preferably wear in a chignon or French pleat. Long hair flowing around your face with a hat on top is not a good look especially if youíre more mature; tie it up, back, whatever, but do something.

Shoes should be court or sling back, not strappy sandals and not clumpy platforms or wedges. Think elegant. Shoes should also be as comfortable as heels ever can be Ė youíre probably going to be wearing them for a long time. And avoid fabric shoes if your going anywhere near grass theyíll stain or pick up water marks.

The longer the skirt, the higher the heels! We all love a fabulous pair of Ďkillersí but they look so much more sophisticated with a longer skirt, if you keep your hemline low, your heels can go as high as you dare (or as high as you can walk in).

If you are going to wear high heels and/or platforms make sure you can walk properly in them. No point looking fabulous in front of your mirror if as soon as you move you end up crouched and hobbling. Far better to wear a heel you can walk in gracefully (even if it is lower) with your head up and shoulders back, looking relaxed and confident, itís far more attractive.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum if youíre wearing a hat, just a pair of small earrings, nothing dangly. Necklaces usually look too much with a hat, as do bracelets and bangles. If your outfit is simple you may be able to get away with a broach or perhaps a cocktail ring if itís not too large.

Your bag completes your look so opt for something smart and ladylike. We particularly like handbags that resemble small pieces of luggage - structured with proper feet and clasps and a handle rather than a shoulder strap. A good structured clutch bag also works beautifully.

Real glamour is not just about clothes, hair and make up; itís also about how you carry yourself. A woman can wear a simple outfit and little makeup and still look amazing if she has poise and carries herself well. Itís about walking tall, looking confident and relaxed Ė and above all happy. This is a joyous occasion so show it; a smile is your best accessory!

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Article by Jane Foddy
Designer, Jane & Marilyn
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